Alternative Energy System for the Surf Lodge at Rancho Cecilia San Juan del Sur
Howler monkeys at Rancho Cecilia, close to Playa Maderas
Howler monkey at Rancho Cecilia San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Eco-friendly vacation rentals
Going Green...Rancho Cecilia is an Eco-friendly resort destination in
San Juan del Sur.
We have built with as minimal disruption to the environment as possible. Our
closest neighbors, the howler monkeys thank us for this as do the other
woodland creatures that still call Rancho Cecilia home.
Rancho Cecilia is "off the grid".
We are not hooked to conventional electricity.
Our electrical needs are supplied through our solar panels, wind
generator and battery banks, we also have a backup gas
generator and a generator for pumping water from our well to our
water tanks.
When there is a power outage we still have electricity!
We make it easy for you to contribute to sustainable development by following some
simple guidelines:
Rancho Cecilia has organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees
on the property. Please ask what is currently "in season" and
we will be glad to share from our gardens!
Energy: Use as little electricity as possible. Our solar panels, wind generator and
battery banks are sufficient to supply our houses with lights and fans. Just
remember when not in a room, TURN OFF the lights and ceiling fans! Use only what
light is necessary, remember that keeping light usage to a minimum will decrease the
night insects trying to penetrate the screens and will incease your chances of seeing
the night wildlife. Always turn off ALL lights and fans when leaving the house.
Water Conservation: Don't waste water, it is a precious resource. Nicaragua is a tropical
dry forest, meaning we have a wet season and a dry season. We get rain showers almost
daily in the wet season but in the dry season we have almost six months without any
rain! Also filling our water tanks uses energy which we also try to conserve. Note, We
do not wash linens daily but please ask when you need them cleaned!
We thank you for
helping us live in
harmony with nature!
Trash Reduction and Recycling: Here at Rancho Cecilia we do our best to create as little
garbage as possible to send to the landfill. We use plastic, reusable containers for food
storage. We encourage re-using small water bottles to refill from the large water
dispensers. We have recycle containers for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. And, we
even have mulch pits for recycling vegetable waste.
Waste Management: Rancho Cecilia has septic tanks for each of our houses. These are an
anaerobic bacterium septic system. Microorganisms clean the water you dirty before
returning it to the soil. Therefore, DO NOT PUT ANY PAPER OR PLASTIC IN THE
TOILETS! Please use the waste can in the bathrooms for ALL paper!