Playa Maderas with surf dogs, Lilly and Indigo from Rancho Cecilia San Juan del Sur
Local transportation in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
The Bus from Rivas to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Our local Milk Man
San Juan del Sur exit from the Pan American Highway in Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur exit from the Pan American Highway in Nicaragua
Rancho Cecilia is located 7
kilometers north of
San Juan del Sur in Southern
We are located off the Chocolata Road which is the Coast Highway of Nicaragua.
And are in the Playa Maderas neighborhood
And we provide daily transportation for our guests to Playa Maderas or Playa Marsella
If you are renting a vehicle we will send you detailed driving directions
along with your reservation confirmation.
A 4X4 vehicle is a must for enjoying Nicaragua. Even the
paved roads can be in poor condition and all roads off the
main highway are dirt or mud depending on the season.
Also driving in the dark is NOT recommended. Ox carts
don't have driving lights and neither do some of the cars!
Please make sure you time your arrival before sunset
around 1800, so you can be sure of finding us.
The Augusto C. Sandino International airport is located in Managua, which is approximately
a three hour drive, although only about 125 kilometers from San Juan del Sur.
You will drive out of Managua on the Pan American Highway which goes through numerous
small towns on your way to San Juan del Sur.
Click here for a
Google Map
N 11*17.30
W 85*53.24
This Google Earth link, is for the
entrance for Rancho Cecilia, note
the current Google photo is old and
does not show our houses, yet!
Check out Armadillo for
great 4X4 rentals!
Don't want the hassle of renting a car....
No problem...
There are shuttles services that run from
San Juan to the airport in Managua daily.
E-mail us and we can set up transportation
from the airport in Managua to San Juan del
Sur and Rancho Cecilia.
Or check out this web page for
more information on shuttles
from Managua to San Juan del Sur

Looking to rent a car
To San Juan del Sur,
and Playa Maderas
from Managua