Surf lesson at Playa Maderas with Sonny at Rancho Cecilia
Playa Maderas San Juan del Sur with Jean Ah and Adam guests at Rancho Cecilia
Learn to Surf with surf lessons at Playa Maderas with Rancho Cecilia Liz and Maya
Surf at Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Surfing in the tube at Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur
Learn to surf lesson at Playa Maderas with Dave at Rancho Cecilia , your never too old to learn!
Surf board rental quiver for Playa Maderas at Rancho Cecilia, San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Playa Maderas surf lesson with future surf star!
Surf lessons at Playa Maderas, fun with the kids on vacation at Rancho Cecilia
Surfing from beginner to novice at Playa Maderas, our surf intern at Rancho Cecilia progresses
Playa Manzanillo panga boat trip with Rancho Cecilia
San Juan del Sur Panga boat trip south, fun waves and no crowds!
Heading out for a surf session at Playa Maderas with guests at Rancho Cecilia
Scottie on a fun one at Playa Maderas San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Surfing with Liz enjoying another great day at Playa Maderas
Surf lesson at Playa Maderas
Another fun beach day with Rancho Cecilia with the Tres Chicas and the Tres Cachoros
Surf Nicaragua
Panga Surf Trips:
Want to get some surf at
some of the surf spots
that are only accessible by
Or just to check out our
beautiful coastline.
Check out this web page
for boating adventures
What is the surf doing
Check out our local surf
If you're looking for a Surf vacation then
Rancho Cecilia is the place to visit.
We surf, that is why we live here, come
spend your vacation surfing with us!
We offer beginner and novice surf lessons taught by either Liz or Scott, both of whom have been surfing
non-stop for over 25 years! We have been teaching people to surf for a couple of decades.
Surf lessons are $35 for an hour including surfboard rental and transportation from Rancho Cecilia to the beach.

Surf board rental:
Don't want to travel with your surf
board? We have surf boards for
rent. Short boards, long boards, fun
boards and boogie boards.
Surf board rentals $12.50 per day
Boogie board rental $5.50 per day

Learn to Surf
Surf Trips:
We do surf trips via land and panga to various surf breaks, both north
and south of San Juan del Sur

Surf day at Playa Maderas $ Free for our guests
(Our local surf break)

Surf day at Playa Hermosa
$15 per person minimum 2 people
(includes entry fee)
(South of San Juan del Sur, has a palapa restaurant on the beach
and horseback ridding)

Surf day via panga $150 to $250.00 ½ day
( Includes picnic lunch)
(Enjoy surfing our surf spots that are accessible by boat.
Go North for Manzanillo, Colorado, Panga Drops, Popoyo
Or South for Tamarido, Hermosa, Yankee) about
Surf and Yoga
click here
for more
Surf Clinics:
Custom tailored one on one or for you and a group of friends,
Great for novice surfers or intermediate surfers
$40 per person, per surf session
Come on a surf vacation to Rancho Cecilia and we will set up a surf clinic for a combination of surf skills. Surf coaching is
perfect for the novice surfer that is ready to advance from ridding the white water to getting into the face of a wave for
your first time, or an intermediate surfer that is ready for personalize coaching to catch more waves and do more turns,
we can provide custom packages that include daily surf instruction, accommodations and meals and…more, e-mail us and let's
set up a custom surf clinic just for you and your friends!

Surfing in Nicaragua,
San Juan del Sur and Playa Maderas
Rancho Cecilia an adventure
Eco Surf Resort
for families, friends
and couples!
Check us out at
Surf Camps